Tryout Info and Registration


Contact-Free Check-in

  • All players must register online ahead of the tryout, the earlier the better to facilitate assigning and posting player numbers ahead of time.
    • Please register at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Players will be assigned a tryout number posted online ahead of the tryout; an email will be sent when the list posts.
    • Upon arrival at Titan, the player will collect the tryout number and safety pins.
  • Walk-ups will still register online and wait for a number to be provided manually. AVOID WALK-UP IF POSSIBLE.

Step 1 – Sign Up-Sports Engine Account and USAV/OKRVA

  • Register for USAV and the Oklahoma Region Assoc. (OKRVA)
    • Registration requires a Sports Engine PARENT account linked to the parent’s  email.
      • If a profile is already available for the player, please ALWAYS select the player’s existing profile.
      •  If no profile exists, a child (household member) may be added and then selected for any future registrations.
      • Never add a profile if the player already exists inside SE
    • USAV and OKRVA set the $55 fee to govern our activities and sanction all aspects of our involvement in club volleyball.
      • $55 fee – It’s in addition to any tryout fee but is good for any other club’s activities in the region.
    • Registration opens Sep 1 and expires Aug 31 of next year.
    • Request a refund if not joining any USAV club team.
      • 30 days for USAV fee refund request ($27.50)
      • 60 days for OKRVA fee refund request ($27.50)

Step 2 – Review Location, Dates, Cost, and More Below

Step 3 – Tryout Registration

Location, dates, times, age division, and cost

  • Titan Sports Complex – 101 E. 81st St. – Tulsa, OK  74132
  • Age division is determined by the age of the player on  June 30, 2023, NEXT YEAR.
  • Check-in starts 30 minutes ahead of the tryout.

Age Division

Date and Time



Sept 21 - 7:00-8:30pm



Sept 21 - 5:30-7:00pm




Oct 7 - 5:30-7:30pm



Oct 5 - 7:30-9:30pm



Oct 25 - 5:30-7:30pm



Oct 26 - 7:30-9:30pm



Oct 25 -8:00-10:00pm


High School Boys

Nov 2 -5:30-7:30pm


Born in July or August?

It is likely a player has a significant advantage repeating with the same age as last year.  However, this might mean the player is also on a team where most of the kids are a year below her grade level.  Playing on grade level might provide a higher level of competition, and that will help sharpen a player’s skills.  It’s important a player plays where she can compete and continue to develop skills; key factors in the development of a player include:  the abilities of those around the player who challenge her, the coaching, and the challenge of tournaments. A challenge on the club’s side during this difficult decision players and parents face is that the club is filling teams immediately following the tryout, so if a player has an offer for a younger team (repeating last season’s age) but is waiting on a tryout to now “play up” due to the June or July birthday, the younger team cannot form.  Obviously, this is a quandary that can affect all of the kids waiting to receive an offer.  If the lower age division is signing before the older age’s tryout even occurs, this also creates a dilemma for the club and other families.  Every situation is unique, and we want to help each player navigate the situation the best way possible.  Traditionally, we want kids to play in the age division determined by the date of birth, but we recognize there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution.  If the player can attend clinics for both ages, that might provide the best data to help align the player to the best team for the upcoming year.  Feel free to reach out at the clinic and let us know we have a player with a birthday that might allow for playing up or repeating an age.