Welcome to Tulsa Power,

Online E-Signing

  • If you have not already, it is time to complete the online registration process in the link below.  It will personally help me tremendously to meet my deadlines if this is finished no later than Friday night.
  • Please use the same SportsEngine login used to register for tryouts, and much of the information may be auto-filled from the previous registration. Plus, you will not be asked to buy a second USAV/OKRVA membership when your profile is linked to a roster later.
  • Following registration, I will manually add your player to the SE app where the team will appear. Through the SE app, the team can chat, see the roster, and share a calendar.

Upon Arrival

  • Check in with Darin to confirm online forms and payment are complete.
  • Collect sizing card from Darin – This will be filled out by you while sizing and submitted directly to Midwest Sporting Goods online immediately.
  • Proceed directly to the sizing area, behind and to the right of Darin’s check-in table.
  • We will gather everyone for a general meeting before breaking out into team meetings.
    • If you are unable to size before the meetings begin, please size before leaving after meetings conclude.

Sizing Meeting

We will see you at Union’s Freshmen Academy this Sunday to meet with the coach and club administrators, to present a copy of the player’s birth certificate, to meet the other players and parents, and to size for all gear. In addition, we will have an online store for fan gear at the time of placing the “Bundle Order” for the player.

  • 1:30 Sizing and 2:00 Meeting
    • 11-1, 12-1, 12-2, and 13-2
  • 2:45 Sizing an 3:15 Meeting
    • 13-1, 14-1, 14-2, 16-2
  • 4:00 Sizing and 4:30 Meeting
    • 15-1, 15-2, 16-1, and 14-3
  • 5:15 Sizing and 5:45 Meeting
    • 17-1, 17-2, 18-1, and Boys

Sizing Plan

We will have several samples in each size.

  • The player should wear clothing that will be easy for trying on each item.
  • We will have two restrooms with ample stalls for players to use if necessary.
  • The warm-up top and bottom should slip over the clothing warn to signing.
  • Mom or dad should be present to verify the sizing selection by the player, keeping in mind room for growing over the next eight months.
  • It might help to know what size was worn lately for a starting point.

Email Darin with any questions.