Pressuring Players

OKRVA Statement Regarding Pressuring of Players – The region occasionally hears concerns from players/parents about players feeling pressured by coaches/clubs to sign by a certain date/time. Below is a series of statements to make clear the Region’s philosophy on this issue:

  • It is the intent of the Oklahoma Region to encourage players to try out for more than one club if they choose.
  • It is the Region’s intent that players are not pressured into a verbal commitment due to a coach/club establishing an unreasonable date/time for a decision.
  • A decision to join a team/club is an individual decision that should be made by a parent/player alone free from club pressure. Gathering players together after a tryout, stating “this is their team” and asking for commitments should be considered pressuring.
  • When a player receives an offer to commit, she/he needs to decide within a reasonable amount of time. Delaying a decision affects many other players who are also waiting for an offer to commit.
  • Players/Parents should understand that teams/clubs need to know a player’s decision in a timely manner to move on to the next player.
  • No player/parent should be asked to sign a contract before the region[1]approved signing dates. Contracts are not binding until the signing date.
  • If a player feels pressured into a decision before, they have gone to other clubs’ tryouts, she/he should contact the Region Commissioner at